Shield Professional Cloud Focus on your core business

The Shield Professional Cloud is a complete IT replacement service. We remove all the complexity and difficulty in running your own IT with an all-inclusive service that caters specifically to your needs.

Increase Efficiency

Access your data and applications anywhere in the world from virtually any device. With a 99.99% uptime guarantee you can feel confident in having reliable IT that is invested in making your business more successful.

This isn’t our first rodeo. Check out our FAQ for some of the common questions we get.

The Shield Professional Cloud is available in two options Shared or Personal Desktops

Shared Desktops utilize the Windows Server operating system and users can access an entire desktop or individual applications. This is the standard configuration and is very cost effective. 

Personal Desktops utilize the Windows Desktop operating system and users are given their own private desktop with dedicated resources. This offers much greater application compatibility and customization, but requires companies to have Windows Enterprise licensing with subscription advantage (purchased separately). 

What's included?


  • 50GB Mailbox with archiving
  • Unlimited Applications -Including Support and Maintenance
  • Microsoft Office
  • Duo 2-Factor Authentication
  • Redundant Onsite Backups with an Offsite Archive


  • Workstation Support and Maintenance
  • Includes antivirus!
  • Office network design and installation including Wifi
  • Mobile Device support

Get More Done

Our cloud is built with premium components including Cisco switching and servers, and all-flash storage by Pure Storage. Our goal is to ensure that our users have a great experience in our cloud and we invest heavily into our infrastructure to make sure that goal is met.

Monthly Cost

Shared Desktops

$130 per user

Personal Desktops

$165 per user

Cloud Storage

$1 /GB

Storage costs only include application and user data and SQL databases. Additional services available.