Frequently Asked Questions

I have a file on my laptop from a client and I need to add it to my Engagement binder. In noncomputer terms, how would I do that?

You would first transport that file into the cloud via the cloud File Explorer. This is similar to transferring a file from a USB drive to your local computer. Then you would input the file engagement as normal.

I obtained a new client and have in the past obtained the tax file from the former CPA. Then with a little help from CCH imported into the tax system. How would I move the file from a CD from the prior CPA to my cloud tax service?

You again would transfer that file to the cloud via the cloud File Explorer.

I give my staff limited rights in the tax system, engagement system and the Document management system. What will change in the way I give rights and set up new staff in the Cloud service?

We import your settings into the cloud with the exact same settings you used previously. Modifications to those rights are handled exactly the same way in the program.

We use a shared calendar in Outlook to coordinate between our 12 staff. Is server based software we use Cloud compatible?

Yes. We simply create a resource for you and share that resource between staff members.

When we do our newsletters we export the names and addresses from our practice management software and email to our mail house. How will that process be different in the cloud setting?

This process operates exactly the same.

Is the same software I use now used in the cloud or will I have to rebuy different versions from my vendors?

The software is exactly the same, it is just housed and accessed from the Shield Cloud.

Do you assist in negotiating prices with my vendors like CCH, Thomson Reuters and others?

We do not assist in pricing nor do we prefer one vendor over another. Shield Networks is a 3rd party platform designed to host and maintain your tax applications.

What does it take to transition into the cloud?

Cloud transition is a quick and easy process. The ideal process has you ending a work day on a Thursday. We copy all of your data to a secured USB drive and overnight that to our datacenter in Louisville. We then transition your email to our Hosted Exchange service and prep your applications to go live the following Monday. A Shield agent then works with your staff in house to teach them the mechanics of doing things in the cloud.

Can I check out a file in tax using the laptop program like I do from my server now?

Yes, this feature works exactly the same.

How will backups be handled?

There are several different backups going on at any given time. Shadow copies are taken twice a day of your application data, SQL databases are also backed up twice a day, and email is backed up daily. Incremental backups happen every day with a full backup monthly. Full backups are stored offsite.

Is there a recycle bin on the cloud like I have on my computer if I delete something I did intend to delete?

The recycle bin is not available in the cloud. You will need to restore from shadow copy.

I understand you will take care of the software updates. Is there a calendar of events so we know what to expect?

A schedule of events is created when you on-board on to the cloud. We compile the schedule then and it is updated through the ticketing system.

If there is computer issue, who do we call first, Shield or the software vendor? How does that change what my software vendor can or cannot do?

If it’s a work flow question, please call the vendor. Shield assists with troubleshooting problems with the software. By utilizing Shield software support, you don’t lose billable hours to trying to solve the problem yourself.

I retire. How will I be able to retrieve my information when I stop using it every day?

Your data will remain in the cloud as long as your continue to subscribe.

I sell my firm. Is there an exit fee to leave the cloud?

If you leave before your contract is up, yes.

Will I be able to change my password if I think someone saw mine?

Yes, you can change your password at the Self-Service Portal.

I see it is a secure website. What does that mean?

Shield uses the latest SSL encryption protocols. This is the same encryption used by banks and the federal government. It encrypts your information so only you can see it.

What is the difference between Shield cloud services for CPAs and the cloud services other vendors provide?

Shield is a vendor neutral service provider. We integrate applications from all your software vendors and your e-mail and offer them in a single location. All support is routed through Shield allowing your accountants to focus solely on their accounting duties.

If I want to resell part of the cloud to my client and support them on their QuickBooks, Can I do that without allowing my client to see my firm data?

Shield does offer Quickbook’s hosted service as a reseller option. Please contact your account representative for more information.

Some software now use Portals to send and receive information with clients. Do you offer a portal or do I use the services of a portal company?

We typically can support integrating any kind of portal into your cloud experience.

Who watches my domain names to be sure that they don’t expire? Shield or the CPA?

Shield maintains records and notifies your firm administrator for important expiration dates. It is up to the firm to renew these services.

How long will it take to add a new employee to my cloud after we are converted?

New employees can be added in just a few minutes at our Customer Service Portal.

If I use temporary tax season help how do we give them access and how do your charge for that?

You can create the new users in the Customer Service Portal and only assign them access to the applications you want. Then you are just billed your user fee for as long as they need access.

Do you offer any training for newly hire employees by webinar or training manual?

Training materials are provided in person when you first join, via streaming video on our website, or available as a downloadable guide.

What sort of certifications does your company have for the services you are providing?

Shield Networks is a certified Microsoft Service Provider and a Citrix Service Provider. All technical support agents carry at least a MCITP, MCSE, or CCA certification.

We use our IPhones to send and receive email and see our calendar now. Will we be able to do that through the cloud services?

iPhones, Android, Windows phones, and any other device that can support exchange active sync is currently supported. Blackberry sync is not currently supported.

What happens to my data when I leave the cloud?

You will be given a USB hard drive will all your data organized on it. Once your data has been transferred to your new environment, you will be asked to sign a document authorizing your data to be destroyed in our cloud.